School Uniform
Summer Uniform
Girls (CI. Prep. - CI. VIII) :- Navy-blue pleated skirt, white blouse with loose half sleeves,
Navy-blue socks and black shoes.
Boys (CI. Prep - CI. XII) :- Navy-blue pants, white shirts with half sleeves, navy-blue socks and black shoes.
Girls (CI. IX - CI. XII) :- White Salwar, navy-blue Kameez, white socks and black shoes. -
P.T. Uniform (to be worn on Thursday only)
Girls (CI. Prep. - CI. VIII) :- White pleated skirt made of drill, white shirts, white tennis shoes and white socks. Boys :- White pants made of drill, white tennis shoes and white socks.
Winter Uniform
In winter, a navy-blue cardigan as well as a navy-blue blazer with school monogram is to be worn by all pupils. White or colored cardigans and coats will not be permitted.