Vision Statment
st. mary Lucknow

We, the Sisters of the Congregation of Jesus of the Allahabad Province, in collaboration with the staff, renew our commitment with the pioneering spirit of our Foundress, Mother Mary Ward, to bring about the Kingdom of God through our Education Ministry.

We aim at training our students to strive for all excellence in order to take leadership in assisting their fellow citizens to create a just society, where the underprivileged and exploited, especially women, children, and dalits are restored to their God-given dignity, rights and freedom and thus bring about social transformation.

We Commit Ourselves :

  • To form students who are imbued with the sense of the Divine, equipped with intellectual knowledge and moral values, developing them as persons of Competence, Conscience, Compassion, Commitment, and Character.
  • To create a school climate where values of love, freedom, sincerity and justice are experienced and lived out by all.
  • To promote sensitivity to diverse religions, cultures and ethnic groups in our nation, to bring about mutual respect and harmony.
  • To direct our attention and resources, to the education of the children from the least privileged in the society, who are economically, socially and culturally deprived and victimized in various ways.
  • To cultivate empathy for the disturbed ecology and to radiate God's love to all creation, nurturing every aspect of life.
  • To network effectively among our own and neighborhood schools and other agencies who promote similar values, in order to assist the emergence of a fully developed human community.
  • To create a scientific temper in our students who, conscious of the problems, issues and needs of the society are able to analyze and critique the same.
  • To promote the conviction and belief that all of us, namely, the Sisters, teachers, students and parents are equal partners and participants in the noble work of "Education for Social Transformation".